In the bottom of iceberg

During hot season, people in everywhere in the world crave for shaved ice. For Japanese, especially in Kyoto, green tea flavored "Uji-kintoki" shaved ice is the special coldest treat for Kyoto's hot and humid summer....

By the official summer start – Kyoto Gion Festival

On July 17th the official declared the end of rain season in Japan. At the same time, one of the most famous summer festivals, Gion Matsuri was held in Kyoto. Actually it is a month-long festival throughout July, but the most people gather here for its highlight events, "Hoko decoration car parade" and "Yoiyama night markets."...

To celebrate half year end

วันที่30มิถุนายนทุกปี คนเกียวโตทานขนม"มินาซุกิ"กันหวังว่าขนมสามเหลี่ยมดูหน้าตาคล้ายกับน้ำแข็งนั้นทำให้คลายความร้อนค่ะ
Five-storied pagoda and bloomed sakura flower in April

Concept for that tree?

This largest five-storied pagoda is seen at Toji temple, Kyoto. I visited there on a day I heard their cherry trees had bloomed (Last April). The combination o...