I visited Fushimi Inari – The headquarter of Japan’s all shrines throughout the nation, with a friend who came from Thailand!

Just 2-station distance from Kyoto city, there is a mountain covered by a thousand of red holy gates. And it inspires the visitors all the year round.

When we passed through the main gate after purifying our hands by holy water, we saw lots of mini-Inari gate wish plates on the hanger. The plates are written in various languages, so we can tell there are many foreign tourists visit here.

The symbol of all shrines in Japan is “fox.” You can see many foxes welcoming us at both side of the gates.

On the way back, the fox mask crackers are available for you souvenir, too.

Main gate

Please wash hands beore entering the holy space

Wishes are made by visitors from all over the world

Thousand gates

For a little larger wish

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