During hot season, people in everywhere in the world crave for shaved ice. For Japanese, especially in Kyoto, green tea flavored “Uji-kintoki” shaved ice is the special coldest treat for Kyoto’s hot and humid summer.

While in southeast Asia, these ice sweets are found all year round. This summer I had a chance to visit Singapore, and enjoyed Malay style ice kachang – colorful green & red ice with variety of toppings. And the bowl has probably a maximum volumed ice than any other ice sweets in Thailand.

This highest ice mountain in Asia and Uji-kintoki of Kyoto has a common secret. We must dig into the bottom….both have red bean paste!

In the bottom of iceberg  3 - ice

Malay Ice Kachang

In the bottom of iceberg  4 - ice

Kyoto's Uji-kintoki green tea shaved ice

Please remind this Kyoto’s green tea shaved ice is served only during summer.

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