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iUrban | 2 Mar 2017

20 Jul 2012


Let me introduce a great food project called “Yum Yam SOUL SOUP KITCHEN,” established in 2010 for Thai food lovers in Japan.

In this project they develop original Thai food recipes using Japan’s local fresh ingredients and the foods are unveiled in the events held bi-monthly. They are planning 47 events for Japan’s every prefecture and 5 events had been done already.

And on July 22nd, this coming Sunday, the 6th event “Ehime prefecture version” is to be held in Tokyo.

They are also planning “Bangkok edition” in next March 2013.

For details; http://yumyam47.com/event/

Here are the menus from previous events.


Tom Yum "Ibaraki" vegetables


Ibaraki pork larb with fresh herbs

Thai wine and Japanese sake are served


Yam Ruammit Thai & Japan?!


Somtam Zucchini


"Silky eggplant" will appear in the next event


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