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iUrban | 22 Feb 2017

18 Jun 2012

World travel with Hydrangea

I visited Moriyama Ashikari Park in Shiga (next to Kyoto prefeture), where they planted various kinds of Hydrangea from all over the world. So many spieces and colors I’ve never seen were there.


Before leaving there, don’t forget to check out some Hydrangea seasonal sweets, heatfully hand-made by community farmers.

Basic style. Purple color shows the soil condition is in the middle pH.

Named "King George"

Different style Hydrangea

Anabelle, smal white flowers make a big bouquet


Miyabi, a little bit Japanese tasted




Dance party!

This blue was so passionate!

Hydrangea mochi sweets with red bean filling


Hydrangea confetti





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