Bangkok River fair From Strangers to Neighbours 13 -

Bangkok River fair From Strangers to Neighbours

Bangkok River fair
From Strangers to Neighbours

From Rama VII Bridge through to Samut Prakan province, a 57-kilometre-long stretch of the Chao Phraya River meanders through Bangkok and charts a storied history that dates back 200 years to the Krung Thonburi era. The river has always attracted a melting pot of nationalities, religions, cultures, societies and traditions, but today this heritage is slowly, sadly disappearing. Some Chao Phraya Riverside Communities still offer a window into the past for all ‘Bangkokians’, allowing us to remember and experience a lifestyle that was nourished by the river, as it protected and provided for our city over the generations.

The Bangkok River Fair, held on the Saturday 5th of August from 11am onwards at Banglamphu Museum, aims to re-introduce all Bangkokians to our Riverside Communities, reconnecting us to our shared heritage like never before, hopefully so much so that we can all change from being Strangers to Neighbours.


1. Food and Lifestyle
Come smell, see, hear and taste the diverse cuisine, handicrafts, music and local knowledge that the various riverside communities of the Chao Phraya River have to offer as well as witness live craftsmanship demonstrations.

2. Talk
Participate in local discussions on the theme of ‘Finding solutions for the Chao Phraya River through the eyes of the riverside community’, where directly affected communities will discuss the consequences that the construction of a 57-kilometer roadway over the river will have upon themselves and the history of the city.

3. Learn and Understand
Appreciate the riverside lifestyle via an art and design exhibition fashioned by well-known artists that tells of the history and importance of each unique community that resides along the banks of the Chao Phraya.

4. My Chao Phraya
Invite other Bangkokians to support the survival of the riverside community through participating in the activity #MyChaoPhraya to ‘draw my dream Chao Phraya’ whereby you can draw on a huge canvas. The work will be exhibited in prominent locations around Bangkok, and will hopefully encourage other citizens of Bangkok to unite in illustrating their desired Chao Phraya.