TechJect Dragonfly


Our prototypes have gone through multiple design cycles. We’ll be offering a number of Apps that the users can download from Google Play and App stores to perform pre-defined operations like: Indoor mapping, automated patrolling and more. If you’re an entrepreneur, you can literally kickstart your own Next-Gen application market using our Software Development Kit (SDK). If you are a researcher or a hobbist, skip to the next most versatile and compact platform to do your research. Create your own remarkable Apps on the coolest robot on the market!

The Dragonflies are indistinguishable from an insect in the environment. Imagine that level of camouflage guarding your house or keeping a watch on your kids/family; it literally goes unnoticed. With more color options for you, you can customize it to any environment.

What is the TechJect Dragonfly?

The TechJect Dragonfly is a wifi-enabled, super-small, smart and energy efficient robotic insect; it can do amazing aerial photography, aerobatic maneuvers for gaming, autonomous patrolling for security and surveillance, and much more. With up to 20 sensors onboard, the Dragonfly is the most advanced and compact flying platform out there.

You can control the robot insect using your iPhone, Android Smartphone or computer and make it do complex tasks including home security, neighborhood watch, advanced gaming and more; you can do this in person or remotely. The Dragonfly sports the smallest and most comprehensive autopilots on the market, with video cameras, GPS, gyroscopes and more.

What can I do with a robotic flying insect?

The Dragonfly can be used for any task requiring live and mobile video feed; such as photography, home/workplace security, swarm robotics, advanced gaming and spying! And it does it with style with 5 technology patents delivering the extended performance improvement over other systems in the market. With up to 20 environmental sensors, cameras and GPS capabilities, it can be developed to track athletes & outdoor events, or integrated with an App as a fun way to retrace a day of skiing, hiking or whatever you like.

If you think our soldiers aren’t safe enough, give one to each and see how their surrounding awareness improves (like a guard dog watching out for his master). Walking alone at night? Keep a third eye looking out for you all the way back to your home.

We endeavor to make the solution so easy to use for everyone that new markets never before explored would open up for all our users. We want to see newer and more impressive applications developed for this unique little bug, and you can help us make that possible.

I am not sure about robots? Why do I need a robot?

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford

Do you still go to the Horse dealer to buy a new horse? Living in the 21st Century, technology has taken us leaps and bounds. Faster, more efficient technologies help us save a lot of time, provide better security and STAY out of our way. Applications are getting smaller, faster and more sophisticated by the day. We need to adopt them to stay ahead of competition and give ourselves more time for other better things in life. If you’re still confused about robots then ask yourself this: Do you have time to do everything yourself? Do you worry about security for personal property and family? Are you still spending 10s,100s or 1000s of dollars every year for tasks that you could do for much cheaper?

Who made the Dragonfly Robot?

The research behind the dragonfly began with a $1,000,000 grant from the US Air Force. The dragonfly has been developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology, as a joint effort between 20+ researchers, PhDs, professors and students from multiple universities across the world.

Why a “Dragonfly” robot?

Dragonflies can perform aggressive feats of flight; flying forwards, backwards and achieving speeds in excess of 35mph. They’re the top of their food chain in the insect world and the fiercest predators in the sky.

Our work mimics the actual insect in flight, with four independently flapping wings. Significant research has gone into blending biology and robotics together. At insect scale, airplanes and helicopters are no longer efficient while flapping wings excel. This not only gives the Robot Dragonfly a great boost in performance, but also makes it look really cool!

We’ve ALL seen Helicopters, we’ve ALL seen Quadcopters and Airplanes but really… ALL of them are BULKY, Low-on-Battery and really just a “one Trick Pony!” The TechJect Dragonfly is really in a league of its own! It hovers like the best helicopters and quadrotors. It flies like the best of airplanes. It’s all these different flyers combined!

We make the Dragonfly smaller and smaller with each iteration, while enhancing its insect-like performance! Something physics does not allow for all the other flying systems; giving us the edge.